About me

This website is about my Ph.D. research on State Ideology iaaeaaqaaaaaaaaipaaaajdk3yzdlmmq0ltgynjatngzkzi04ndq4lwnjzgjkzjc5zgm4zqn Chinese Highschool History textbooks. After teaching at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences for a couple of years, I was awarded a Ph.D. Teacher Grant, which allows me to combine my job with my own research.

Ph.D. Researcher – University of Amsterdam

In 2016, I was awarded a ‘Doctoral Grant for Teachers‘ by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). This grant allows me to conduct my Ph.D. research at the University of Amsterdam for two days a week for five years, besides my teaching position at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Because of this grant, I got the very rare opportunity to design my very own research, without any requirements or restrictions on the topic. For more on the topic of my research, see About my research.

Trade Management for Asia

I teach several subjects at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Our program is called Trade Management for Asia (TMA), which is part of the Rotterdam Business School (RBS). The ‘core’ subjects that I teach are Chinese Language, Introduction to Asian History and Introduction to Asian Religion and Philosophy. Also, I am a project tutor and teach research skills.

(Guest) Lectures

I have given several (guest) lectures about a range of topics. I’m always interested in new opportunities.

Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen: 9 Lectures for the minor ‘China: History and Society'(2014-now). Topics : Chinese ancient history / modern history / ideological change of the CCP / Land Reform / Taiwan / Civil liberties / foreign relations (Yearly since 2015)

Nottingham University: Guest lecture on ‘Counting Histories in China’ for the China Policy Institute (CPI) and the Centre for the Study of Political Ideologies (CSPI). (2017)

HOVO Erasmus Universiteit: 2 Lectures for courses on China
Topics: A Changing Society / The Religiousness of Confucianism (2015/16)

Conference Language, Power and Identity (IIAS, Leiden): Presentation on ‘Confucianism and the Linguistic Boundary between ‘religion’ and ‘teaching’ See website (2016)

Movies that Matter: Q&A after the movie ‘Hooligan Sparrow’ in both Arnhem and Nijmegen (2016)

De Balie: Panel on alternative future trajectories for Cuba (comparison with China) Change Cubans Can Believe In (2016)


My fascination with the country dates back to my second year in university when I chose to do a minor in Chinese language and history. I was ‘hooked’ and have traveled to the country many times since then. In the decade that I have visited China, I have seen the country transform more and faster than I could ever have imagined. As much as I like China’s metropolises, I mostly enjoy traveling to remote far-away corners and tiny villages. Whenever I visit China, I try to squeeze in a new province or two. Only nine more to go…